Weekly Geeks 2010-4

I had intended to write a post today about our lovely weather. The fact that it ties in with Weekly Geeks is just lagniappe! Now, to those midwesterners or Yankees that are used to this, feel free to point and laugh, but understand that this is the most snow Nashville has gotten in exactly 7 years. Jan 16, 2003 we got snow like this (i only know the date because the following day is D's birthday) but not more than an inch or two at a time since then.

so, we were supposed to get ice yesterday morning, then switching to 3-6 inches of snow. when i woke up at about 7:30 nothing had started and i figured the snow was a bust again. then, lying on my couch watching Sportscenter, i noticed it had started snowing. by about 1 pm things looked like this
Then at about 5 we'd gotten hereIt just kept going and going, then around 1 i heard a weird noise. it was a plow! I've never seen one in action.
At about that time the weather switched over to the ice we were supposed to be getting first. Here's how much of that we ended up with, on top of the snow.
my poor car, very aerodynamic, but lower visibility now!
snow is lovely thoughmy birdfeeder has been quite popular this morning as well, some visitors have been queuing up on the porch.
the other bit we were to talk about was books we like in the winter as well as show our reading area. Here's where i've been the last day and a half
i have liquids, blankie, tissues, variety of reading material and the computer is for music. When i take a break i've got the tv for sports/movies. I've watched The Dark Knight, Watchmen, Wolverine and am working on The Two Towers now. I've also managed to play some Wii Fit (thanks for letting me borrow it B) and took a nice walk.

as for reading particular things during winter, i think i've said before that i don't notice much change in my reading habits over the course of the year.

an aside, a piece that gives B more proof that soccer is better than football.


  1. The pictures of snow are beautiful! I had heard that Nashville was getting quite the storm. I live in Cincinnati, and we haven't gotten very much this winter at all. I am definitely in the mood for a snow day!

  2. Anonymous30/1/10 18:09

    No snow here. :-( The closest we get is an occasional minute of hail. It's hard to think of seasonal reading when we really don't have extreme temps.

  3. In Delhi, we can't even imagine snow like that! I liked the pictures!

    Here is my Weekly Geeks post

  4. It's another stinking hot summery day here in Oz so I'll just sit here in the corner and drool over your pics of snow if that's OK. I promise to clean up after myself before I go

  5. That's funny to me. I'm in Canada. Honey, that is just a heavy frost for us. Our year is described as ten months of winter and two months of bad hockey.:) Just teasing. Nice that you can actually enjoy the experience.

  6. Forgot to say I love that word lagniappe. It was great to come across it, you don't hear it very often.

  7. Michelle- all of TN and southern KY got lots of snow. I think the count here was 6 inches.

    Softdrink, gautami, Bernadette- I used to live in southern Louisiana and snow was also quite rare. even frost on the windows in the morning doesn't happen much.

    Sandra- my boyfriend is from Vermont and he at least admitted it was cold this time!

  8. Great photos ... I think it's quite something that you've never seen a plow. After spending last winter in Minnesota, I've definitely seen more than my share :-)

  9. Anonymous2/2/10 20:31

    Your pictures are just lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  10. That layer of ice makes for great tobogganing snow.

  11. thanks for sharing the great photos!

  12. Megan- i have seen them before, sitting in municipal parking lots and such. I just had never seen one being used.

    I'm glad everyone liked the pictures. The snow is all gone now; we've have temps in the 40's and rain the last few days.


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