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FBN: Super Bowl XLIV events.

Great game all around! Loved seeing the camera cut to Manning on the sideline in the second and third quarters looking all pouty. i was a little concerned in the first quarter but after that i got confident. unfortunately i still bit all my fingernails off. ouch! I love that for once i don't have to say "well, maybe next year..." it was great that i suddenly got half a dozen text messages from my family down there. Hope one of them gets me an authentic New Orleans Saints NFL Champion tee shirt for me! black please! I can't imagine how much fun Mardi Gras is going to be this year. Geaux Saints!

Saints defeat Colts 31-17 in Super Bowl XLIV Indianapolis Colts vs. New Orleans Saints in Miami


  1. Who Dat!!!! I still can't freaking believe it really, lol. It's been nuts down really freaking nuts. I've been suffering with a hangover all day today, but it's totally worth it, lol. *who dat hugs* :D

  2. I was so happy the Saints won. It was a nail biter for a good while and I was very excited when they finally put the game away.


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