Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I'm kinda sick so this one will be quick. Yesterday i finished The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson. I actually only knew it was a mystery, in Sweden. It's a murder mystery, a locked room mystery, as well as a financial mystery. I really liked it. a 6.

What is amazing is that this book has been out since September 2008 and there are still 92 holds on the library's 31 copies. WOW! Just a comparison, Under the Dome came out November 2009 and there are just 55 holds on the 31 copies. so Larsson is twice as popular as King? Maybe books like this will get more americans reading books in translation. I just put the second book, The Girl Who Played With Fire, on request and there are 59 people in front of me. ah well.


  1. I've read really good things about both of these books. They are on my list of too reads and I hope to get to at least one of them sometime soon.

  2. i was rather surprised how much i liked this one. I got it from the library a few months ago and couldn't get past the first few chapters. When i got it again, i took an uninterrupted hour to get started and really couldn't put it down.

  3. Its funny how books work that way. I started Jeff Vandermeer's book Finch last week and was having a heck of a time getting accustomed to his writing style and this weird world of his that I wasn't acquainted with from his previous writings. About 30 pages in everything just "clicked" and I'm really immersed in it now.


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