More Movies!

second round of movies!

The Man Who Knew Too Much- 5, more Hitchcock and Jimmy Stewart.

Wolverine- 4, ok, ugh. i mean i get that this was not going to be too faithful to the series but i was pretty disappointed. although...Hugh Jackman is lovely so that is what gives this a 4. nice to see Dom Monaghan in a big movie, even if he was the same wisecracking guy as on LOST. far too many interesting side characters that deserved way more screen time.

Dial M for Murder- 7, awesome! i was rooting for literally every character at one point or another. the Mastermind, the Cheating Wife, the Inept Killer, the Police Inspector. my favorite Hitchcock so far this year.

Mirrormask- very pretty, 5. fantasy movie about a teen, Helena, who has a fight with her mother and says that dreaded line in these movies "i wish you were dead!", and shortly thereafter the mother passes out and is rushed to the hospital. Helena draws and retreats into a fantasy world created from the drawings to save a queen and perhaps her mother as well. Very much a fairy tale, reminded me a lot of Labyrinth.

Vertigo- 4, how many movies did Hitch and Stewart make together? This one was weird. had it been 30 mins shorter it would have been less creepy but i might have enjoyed it more.

Bridge over the River Kwai- 6, I don't know if I've seen Alec Guiness as any character but Obi-Wan Kenobi. I was very very impressed by his character, Colonel Nicholson. another very good WW2 movie.

Star Trek: Nemesis- 5, felt like a long Next Generation episode. Not bad though.


  1. I know I've seen Dial M for Murder, just don't remember much about it. Same with Vertigo. I watched it several years ago and remember enjoying it, but its been too long to rave or rant about it with any degree of legitimacy.

    Mirrormask is certainly a movie that is after my own heart. I adore it, as I do Labyrinth. There are many comparisons, it being a "sequel in spirit" to Jim Henson's film. I wrote about this ad naseum in my long-winded review of the film.

    We watched the 39 Steps remake on PBS tonight. It was okay. Not fantastic, but enjoyable enough that I am glad that I spent the time.

  2. I'm rather on a Hitchcock kick right now, or maybe i should say a mystery kick as it seems to be both books and movies...maybe i'll drag B to see Shutter Island Wednesday as your review made it sound pretty good.

  3. If you do I hope you both enjoy it.


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