New to Me Tolkien

How I found this book: I'm doing the LOTR readalong and the only copy i have of The Lord of the Rings is a big paperback of the three novels. I went to the library to grab a copy of Fellowship of the Ring that will fit more comfortably in my bag and i saw a book i'd never heard of, Farmer Giles of Ham.

It's an adorable story that i recommend to every Hobbit fan! I would say it is a straight fairy tale. The book starts with references to how long ago this story takes place in ancient Britain. Giles is a farmer with a talking dog, Garm. Talking dogs were apparently common then! One night a giant gets lost and wanders onto Farmer Giles land. Garm alerts the farmer, who doesn't really believe the dog but loads up his blunderbuss with cutlery and goes to take a look. through a couple of lucky chances, Giles happens to shoot the giant who then leaves the village. Hailed as a hero, Giles enjoys his local fame and the King even sends him a present of an old sword. When a dragon comes calling, Giles gets drafted to fight him too!

Giles is really a second cousin to Bilbo, character-wise. Common sense, a good bit of luck, and love of a simple life connect them. It's a great little story that i highly recommend. a 6!


  1. Oh I have to find this one! I love all things Tolken, yet I have not heard of this one either. Thanks for passing this find along.

  2. no problem! Hope you like it.


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