Umbrella Academy

I read The Umbrella Academy, Vol. 1: Apocalypse Suite by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba last night. It starts with dozens of women, none of whom thought they were pregnant, delivering infants all around the world. An eccentric billionaire, Reginald Hargreeves, finds seven of the children and takes them to be raised as a superhero team. He's a pretty lousy father figure, even telling Seven that "there's just nothing special about you' when she seems to have no powers like her siblings.

We see an adventure the kids go on as 10 year olds, which reminded me a bit of the X-babies issues of X-men. Then we jump 20 years in the future to Hargreeves death. the team is all split up due to a falling out over the death of a member. we find out various bits and pieces of the story as we go back and forth to current events and flashbacks. I just think there were too many unexplained bits. Where are all the other special kids? Why do chimps talk in this world? How did Number 1's head get transplanted onto a giant gorilla? What exactly are Seance's and Kraken's powers?

Now i love Lost so i am all about out of order stories and getting questions answered slowly. But this book was just too out of order with not enough info for me to find the rest of it really enjoyable, which is why i give it a 4. Is it an interesting premise? Yes. Would i pick up the second volume from the library if they had it? Yes. I just think it would work better as a real series as opposed to a couple of short limited series. But Gerard Way, as the lead of My Chemical Romance, is pretty unlikely to hand off his characters to someone else to write a monthly. overall, great idea but give me more.

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also, on a completely different note, i saw this the other day on the City Paper, It figures.


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