Yeah, i hated that commercial too

it was just so full of anger and rage. It's the kind of stuff you imagine goes through a guys head right before he decides to go on a rampage and kill his wife, their kids, then goes to his job and guns down a few more people.


  1. Hmmm...I think if I was a woman I'd be a bit pissed about this one. Seems to be the kind of thing that sets any kind of Woman's Movement back two or three decades.

  2. i think they are both bad because they are both full of ridiculous stereotypes. The narrator for the Dodge commercial is describing a terrible, toxic relationship. The rebuttal does point out that women do have plenty to complain about in life but we frequently have a tendency to just do what's required (someone has to pick up the kids, walk the dog, make dinner). There are a lot of choices that the narrator of the women's version that they could also make differently too. Don't have kids if you don't want them. Don't wax if you don't want to. i guess both pieces are just so awful and full of "what society says men and women should do/are like" when everyone i know is NOT like that. does this rant make any sense?


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