2 More Walking Dead

I've been in a bit of a slump, reading and blogging wise at least. To attempt to jump start myself i read two volumes of The Walking Dead.

Volume 4: The Heart's Desire starts seconds after the third book ended. When two prisoners, for semi-justifiable reasons, get some guns to kick out the rest of the group, they also let out another horde of zombies. After our heros handle that crisis, the rest of the book is dedicated to interpersonal relationships. This book has been the most melodramatic one so far. I liked it less, maybe because i'm liking some of the characters less? a 4.

Volume 5: The Best Defense goes back outside the prison. The prison has a generator and the guys get the idea to siphon gas from the parking lot cars to get it started. However, while outside the gates Rick and his 2 companions see a helicopter crash. They try to find the survivors and end up in major trouble, endangering not only themselves but everyone at the prison. I really got ticked with the characters in this installment. While i can see tracking down the helicopter crash site, i don't understand why they followed the trail past the crash. Almost everything "new" since the series started has been something bad. I, personally, don't see why these characters aren't far more cautious. Overall, a 5 though. A major cliffhanger occurs at the end so i am fiending for the next one!

Also, i just saw that the spring Dewey's Read-a-Thon is now scheduled! Unfortunately, i will have to take a break from reading to deep fry a turkey on April 10th. However, for the first time ever i will have all weekend off so i do intend to read a bunch! Yay!


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