Classics Challenge

Yay! One more challenge i'm joining, starting April 1st and running through October 31st, is the Classics Challenge. I am looking to read 6 books in the seven months. I'll be sticking to the more standard classics, off the 1001 Books list and, hopefully, my long TBR list too.

Also, looking at Librarything, i love the new header option "entry date", which tells you, duh, when you entered in each book. kinda gives me an overview of my life since April 2006. hmm, nothing entered at all between April and September 2007? really terrible things happening in my life then. but hey, other than the first two months i was on there and entered in everything i owned, the biggest month for books was July 2009 when i acquired 19! ok, i really gotta slow up the book buying. Though i got a bunch for Christmas that shouldn't count i've bought 46 in the last 6 months. eek!


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