I read the first installment of the graphic novels.  Hellboy, Volume 1: Seed of Destruction by Mike Mignola and John Byrne.  I've seen and enjoyed both the movies so decided to read the comics when i saw that the library had them. Woohoo!  

Hellboy appears from, well we don't know where, as a child in England at the end of World War II.  Trevor Bruttenholm more or less adopts him and takes him to America.  The story then begins years later.  Hellboy is an adult, with a team of friends works at the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Development.  Bruttenholm dies in a bizarre way, which sends Hellboy and his team on a search to discover why.

It was a little short.  It covered only four issues which isn't many for a graphic novel compilation.  I'm going to keep reading.  a 5. 


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