Mini Vacation!

A couple of pics of my past weekend.  My friends and I went to North Carolina, to a little town called Boone.  Appalachian State University is there and it is really a college town.  Half the population is going to the school!  We went snow tubing at a place called Hawk's Nest. 

Just me.
With my friends D and C.  

We had a wonderful time.  don't be concerned about our light clothes; it was about 60 degrees and we were all sweaty.  I took off my hat and gloves pretty quickly and D and C took off their jackets too.  There were two main slides available but the conveyor belt to the larger one wasn't working so we stuck to the kiddie slide.  All in all, lots of fun.  

another upside is that B said he'd be willing to go to one of the ski places in the fall.  which made me feel goofy and smiley that he is making plans with me for months away!  *squeee!*


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