BTT for 4/1 and Another Zombie Post

An interesting question.
Do you remember learning to read? What’s your earliest reading memory? 

I think i've answered it before though!  so i'm going to list a few other reading memories.  

I have 3 younger brothers.  One is two years younger, one four, and the last one is 12 years younger.  I remember helping the younger two learn to read; i would listen to them read from their little early reader books and then one of my parents would sign off that the boys had done their homework.  I hope i wasn't too hard or too easy on them! 

I remember reading some of my mom's romance novels, probably when i was in middle school.  I liked the historical ones, especially ones with pirates, but didn't find the modern ones at all interesting.  

I remember taking the ACT my junior year and being bored bored bored as i would finish up a section and then have to wait and wait until the time ran out for everyone else.  I was used to being able to read after i finished things in my high school classes.  

I remember my first boyfriend flipping through the dictionary giving me words to define and shocking him that i knew the ones he though were obscure.  Hooray for large vocabularies!

I remember being surprised and smiley that B wanted to read one of the books i owned.  I've never had a boyfriend who read!

Changing to zombies now, I read The Walking Dead, Volume 6: This Sorrowful Life today at work.  I just found my library had this series; the last time i'd checked they didn't.  I gotta give this one a 5.  sorry, it's too the point that you really can't say much without giving spoilers for the previous books.  Read 'em!


  1. I've never had a boyfriend who read, either. How depressing!

  2. B is great! i'm lucky.

  3. I did the footwork for my first boyfriend on a F. Scott Fitzgerald novel I still haven't read. He just have to write the paper from my research. Was supposed to get help with my chemistry homework in return. As if that happened.

    My husband doesn't like as many types of books as I do but he reads and is much better at spelling than I. Thank goodness those first boyfriends tend to go away.

  4. first boyfriends aren't the best. :)


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