Film School

I tore through The Film Club by David Gilmour today.  Seriously, i started it about noon at work and finished it at 9:15.  I really enjoyed this book.  

It's the relationship between a father and his teenage son that the book is truly about, not just watching movies.  Gilmour's son, Jesse, is failing out of tenth grade.  Gilmour offers to let Jesse drop out of school if he watches at least three movies a week with his dad.  They watch all sorts of stuff: good, bad, classic, foreign, westerns, comedy. They talk and watch and learn each other.  

I am having a weird brain day; allergies have me feeling terrible and i'm not able to marshal my thoughts into why i loved this pretty simple story.  Maybe because it aligns with my ideas on "quantity time" instead of "quality time"?  Maybe because it's about self-education?  Maybe because we see Jesse growing up and trying to find who he is, another topic i love?  All of the above maybe.  a 7 from me. 


  1. I heard these two speak on NPR back when the book first came out and they were great. I had meant to pick up the book back then and had forgotten all about it. Thanks for the reminder, I'm glad you liked it.

  2. If you read it i hope you enjoy it! I'd hate to recommend a book you couldn't stand.


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