See, i'm not buying books i'll never read, i'm investing in any potential child's academic future!!

I finished The Execution by Hugo Wilcken today.  It's a weird little novel.   CB reviewed it earlier this year and i picked it up from my library a couple weeks ago.  Don't read the amazon blurbs or reviews though, you'll get spoiled.  i liked it but not as much as CB did.  a 5 from me. I'm counting it for the "Who Are You Again?" category in the 2010 Challenge. 


  1. A 5 is good. Glad you liked it. An can I say 'duh' about the home library findings. I grew up with well over 2000 books in my home library. But, truth be told, I bought most of them myself at the local used book store.

    I was that kind of kid.

  2. I'm sure i bought a good number of books too. my parents were both readers and i had 2 younger brothers growing so we had a pretty wide selection in our house.

  3. You make a good point about the top 100 YA list - I didn't count each individual book in the series. Makes me feel better about only reading 22 of the 100, since it really is more like 40 with each actual book added together!


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