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Non-fiction is good for you!  

Adorable, yet creepy.  How does one go from innocent infant to crazy murdering dictator?

I reread the first Sandman collection: Preludes and Nocturnes this weekend.  I had forgotten how really scary and gory this collection is!  The story starts with a occult group in the 1910's attempting to capture Death.  They get Dream though, which sets of strange events around the world where people either can't sleep, or sleep too much, or enter a sort of sleepwalking state.  Decades pass and Dream escapes.  He's weakened so searches for his three tools that were stolen:  a ruby, a bag of sand, a helm.  The rest of the book shows how he recovers those tools. 

I really like the Sandman books!  this one is the start of the series so i am going to give it a 6. 


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