Quick Update and One Reason That I Can Mention in Public as to How B is Awesome

B: My computer conked out, sorta, this last Sunday.  I'm getting a "check your fan" error when i try to power it on, so i need to pop the back off and, well, check the fan.  B, because he's amazingly great, brought over his old laptop for me to borrow temporarily until i get mine fixed.  also, today he took me to drop off my car to be fixed (i rear-ended someone a couple weeks ago) and pointed out that one of my taillights is out, which is probably related to the accident.  Smart.  Between last night and today we took a walk, watched 2 episodes of Lost and 1 of V (though i think we'll stop watching that, neither of us is really into it) and 2 soccer games.  He's so so easy to hang out with!  i have to post a picture...when i get my computer going!

Reading:  need to read a bunch this weekend!  The library has seen fit to get me 8 holds at once!  a couple are graphic novels but most are real books.  I've signed up for Dewey's Readathon on Saturday.  I had previously scheduled a barbecue get together with some friends so I won't be reading the 24 hours.  I'm going to do my darndest to get a lot done though. 

Buying Books:  ok, for real, i'm on a ban.  seriously.  i've got like 130 on my TBR list on librarything.  It's ridiculous.  plus those 8 library books up there i need to read.  when i get down to 60 i can buy another.  REALLY!

Facebook:  mafia wars is addictive, and my phone enables my addiction!

Spring:  planted some marigolds and zinnias.  I hope they survive.  the rose plant B got me for Valentines (aw) has done ok so far and i finally got it into it's own, large pot.  The pollen from all the trees this year is driving my eyes and nose crazy!  i've been sneezing constantly the last couple days.  Zyrtec is helping. 

Hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. Anonymous9/4/10 17:27

    Hooray for B! And the readathon!! And spring!!! :-D


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