Read-a-thon Update 4

So, what've i done?

Finished The Lost City of Z, 108 pages.
Finished Farmer in the Sky, 141 pages.
Read 82 pages of Boneshaker, will probably be going back to it soon.
Read 69 pages of The Philosopher at the End of the Universe, don't know that i'll continue more than another chapter or two.   Philosophy is a bit heavy after midnight.

I started some laundry.  Since i live in an apartment building with a shared washer/dryer, i can't doze off without finishing, unless i want to find my clean clothes on the floor tomorrow morning. 

Cups of coffee:  hmm, after this morning i've had 2 grande's from starbucks and another cup and a half of my own.
I think i want a sandwich now. 


  1. Anonymous11/4/10 00:22

    The sandwich sounds like an excellent plan!

  2. I'm a big Starbucks drinker,too.
    It looks like you're doing well with the RAD. Keep going!
    Go Team Shelley!!


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