Sherlock vs The Ripper!

First off, i have to say that if the producers of the new Robert Downey JR Sherlock Holmes movie are having a problem coming up with a topic for the next one i highly recommend that they pick up the rights to this book! 

Dust and Shadow is the first novel by Lyndsay Faye.  Apparently there are several mash-ups of Holmes/Ripper stories but i don't know that i've read any.  I have read all the Conan Doyle stories a few times and a good number of Ripper books, fiction and non-fiction.  So, while no expert, i'd say i've got a pretty good base of knowledge to work from.  I thought the book was great.  Holmes and Watson were spot on. The plot was good and didn't resort to bizarre conspiracies to have the Ripper get away from the various scenes of the crimes.  I can't wait to read more of Faye's work.  a 6.


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