Catching up

I've finished several books the last couple days so i'll be doing a few mass review posts!

What an awesome name for a heroine! Flavia de Luce is an eleven year old English girl, the leading character in The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley. I loved this weird little mystery. And i've already got the next one waiting for me at the library! Yay! The book is set in 1950. Flavia is brilliant and passionate about chemistry and fights incessantly with her older sisters. Their mother died several years before and they live with their father in their old country house. One night Flavia hears her father arguing with a strange man and the next morning she finds the man as he dies in their garden. His last word, "Vale", sets her on a mission to discover the killer.

That's the only bit i didn't like. I knew who the killer was very early on. I did like all the little side tracks and clues and how Flavia goes about her quest. I could see Flavia and Hermione Granger getting along very well! Overall, a 7.

I also finished up I Sold My Soul on eBay: Viewing Faith Through an Atheist's Eyes by Hemant Mehta too. Mehta is the Friendly Atheist and i really enjoy his posts and articles on his blog. The book recounts how he visited several churches throughout the country after a pastor bought Mehta's soul. (heh, it is still a funny gimmick). He also talks about how he grew up a believer in the Jain religion and lost that faith as a teen. Mehta has a great voice and i enjoyed the book. However, the target audience for the book is actually believers, especially ones who have some power to make changes at their churches. so, while it's a good read, I'm just giving it a 5.

2 more tomorrow!


  1. Flavia is an absolute doll and I just loved the first book. It hit at one of those 'right moments' for me when I read it last year and I was completely smitten. I'm glad he is continuing on with the character because she, and her family, are a group that I want to spend more time with.

    I am reading a book right now, The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet by Reif Larson. In that book the protagonist is a 12 year old boy who is a map-maker and his voice and intellect reminds me a lot of Flavia.


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