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Whew! It's not that i've read so much the last couple days, it's that i've finished several! and these two are for challenges.

For the YA Challenge I finished This World We Live In by Susan Beth Pfeffer. I actually think i like this one least of the three in the series (so far? are there to be more?). Of the previous ones i liked the one with Miranda the least and we are back to her diary entries on this one. Just as things are starting to get better with her family's health and food situation, her father returns with his new wife and baby as well as three other people. Alex Morales and his sister Julia joined the group as it headed back northeast. Of course, Alex and Miranda fall for each other, though other than being non-related and the same age i really don't know why. I just really don't like Miranda much. So it's a 4 from me and if you really liked the first book you'll probably like this one better.

For the Once Upon a Time 4 Challenge I listened to Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman on audio book in the car. I did about half of it on my drive back from Louisiana and the rest piecemeal since then. Mr. Nancy from American Gods is the father of Fat Charlie Nancy. Fat Charlie isn't even fat anymore but when Mr. Nancy gives something a name, it sticks. Charlie hasn't spoken to his father in years, not since just before his mother died. When his father dies, Charlie finds out he has a brother, Spider. Spider is cool, has powers of persuasion and is always at ease. He tells Charlie that their father was a god. When Spider starts messing with Charlie's life, falling for Charlie's fiancee, Charlie gets other gods involved to try to get back to normal.

It ended up being a 6. At first i didn't like it much, Charlie is so passive and apologetic about everything that you just want to shake him! But then he starts to figure stuff out, accept himself, and begins to act. There are just so many lines that were so great. I keep giggling over "You left your lime in reception" even now!

So, um, does anyone else watch Lost? I caught up on the last two episodes last night and i'm teary and drained and shaken and sad. Good stories do that. I actually listened to the end of Anansi Boys as i was driving back from some friends' house, just after watching Lost. In a way, listening the end of the book at that point made it so much better. Some stories are sad. Some stories are happy. Stories and songs and poems make you feel, make you learn, make you discover yourself. Could you do what Sayid does? How would you choose your way? I both can't wait until the finale and don't want the story to end.


  1. I really loved The Anansi Boys. It's such a funny little story.

    And yes, I'm a huge LOST fan. Geez, last episode was intense! I'm going into all of these final episodes knowing people will be killed off, but it doesn't make it any easier to watch. It was crazy to see Sayid make that choice and find a bit of redemption. I can't wait to see tonight's!

  2. I was curious about The Anansi Boys...I did read American Gods, and like that sort of thing. Are you also a Pratchett fan?

    No, I've never seen lost; don't get a chance to watch much TV, though I have caught all of Mad Men so far, on DVD. Ooolala, that's good stuff:)


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