A Movie, a Comic and BTT!

Iron Man 2 is quite good. B and I saw this one Wednesday afternoon. Besides nibbling off my fingernails, always a good sign, I didn't even realize the 2-odd hours had passed until the movie was over! a 6.

I finished Walking Dead Vol 10: What We Become today. More journeying. a 5. and now i have to wait and wait for the library to get 11. *sigh*


What’s the most useful book you’ve ever read? And, why?

I'm not sure? I've read a few basic cookbooks which i'm sure have helped my kitchen skills. The Hobbit for lessons about life: riches are found in home and family and friends, not in a dragon's horde. Fast Food Nation- don't eat McDonald's. Collapse- we can only push the environment so far, we've done it before and lost that game. The God Delusion- my first angry atheist book, i really realized there were other people who had some of the same thoughts.

hope those make some sense!


  1. I enjoyed Iron Man 2 as well. It was a fun weekend movie experience.

    Most useful book? Hmmmm...I'd probably go with the Seth Godin book I'm just about to finish, Linchpin.

  2. hmm, i guess i'll have to read your review to find out why it's useful!


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