Nashville Update

Parts of my town are pretty bad off right now. Pictures are by my previous boyfriend, R. Here's his flickr page.

Middle TN Red Cross. You can also text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10.

Country music star slanted article on CNN.
Good people are doing good stuff. I'm overwhelmed. I could literally drive a mile or so down the road and stop to help at house after house. This weekend I'll be volunteering somewhere.

Article from
with some amazing photos.

My place and those of my friends are fine. The apartment complex had some downed trees and apparently a few roof leaks but nothing serious. We're short on water as one of our plants is under water so we're "letting it mellow" at my house, using paper plates/cups, and taking navy showers. It's bizarre that so many places are destroyed but so many others are fine. The library where B works had some minor flooding and he spent Sunday hauling books and equipment upstairs

One thing many other people are also talking about is that there is apparently little coverage on many of the national news broadcasts. Unfortunately, the failed bombing in NYC is a much bigger deal because of the terrorism angle. I called my parents Sunday to tell them i was fine and neither of them had even heard about the storms! So, I'd like for anyone who reads me to please post a link to some big news site on their blog. I don't want you to link to me, just say "hey, parts of Nashville, TN are destroyed. Look here" then send people to The Tennessean or something. Please.

Thanks. Thank you.


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