So i picked up my first box of food from Delvin Farms today!

and since i'm doing pics...

here's my flower garden on the rails of my balcony.

for comparison, same shot of the same plants on April 4th when i planted them.


Mixed flowers

Nasturnium. You're supposed to be able to eat it.

and here are the tomato plants! The one on the left grew 4 inches the last 2 days, i promise! I watered it Thursday morning and it hadn't reached the horizontal rail yet.

Herbs: chocolate mint, sage, peppermint, garlic chives

more herbs. Rosemary, lemon balm, and a purple basil. and daisies.

Oh, and Chloe in her favorite spot!

I've only killed one plant so far, a gerber daisy that looked a bit sad when i got it. i've got some regular basil growing too. I hope i get to eat some of the herbs this year!


  1. I LOVE this post Mel :D Everything looks awesome!! Your flowers look fantastic, the tomatoes look great and your herbs are so cool! I've been using my mint to put in sweet tea. And I've already picked 3 tomatoes off of my plant this year! I'm going to make some pico with them and some cilantro from the garden on Monday...and add my one little lone jalapeno that's growing to it :p I wish we had a farmer around here that sold veggies by the box. Your first box looks fantastic! Especially the strawberries!

  2. Thanks Chris! No tomatoes yet but there should be tons soon. I've been tempted to pick some of the mint leaves but really feel i should wait until the plants get bigger. I get the box from a CSA, community sponsored agriculture. TN has lots of farms and the idea is you pay up front (my case $375) then get that box full every week or 2 through fall. last year it went Memorial day weekend through Halloween, a pretty good deal.

  3. Wow, those veggies look terrific! I wish our GOOD farmers' market weren't so far's the next town north and really too far to make it worthwhile. :(

  4. All the plants look so beautiful. Thanks for sharing the pics. Makes me want to go outside and clean up my mess...of course that is easy to say when it is pouring down rain and I cannot actually do so. :)


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