Weekly Geeks 15-2010

I haven't done one of these for a while.
  • What series do you read where you have had an issue with one of the books in the line-up?
  • Do you cut the author loose after one miss, or do you have a limit of failed books in a series before you toss in the towel?
  • What's your suggestion for that book that you struggle with in a series.

I guess I would say i've a very loose, two bad book limit for authors in general, which would include series. if the series has been really enjoyable and i don't like one book, i'll probably still give the next a try. Unless it's gone off in a direction i don't like.

For example, I don't know that i will read any more of Mercedes Lackey's new Valdemar books as they've become really repetitive. the last 3 or so have been disappointing so unless she goes back to some previous characters i'll not bother. I've tried a few time to read Robert Jordan's Eye of the World series but they are so long and, well, slow. I read a couple, then need to take a break, and then can't remember a damn thing about them except they are long. so i'm done with that too. I'm actually trying to remember a series where i didn't like a middle book but enjoyed later ones and i can't do it! hmmm.


  1. I'm with you on those Wheel of The World Robert Jordan books. The covers look like lots of fun and I'm often tempted to give one of them a go, but they are so long.

    Why is it that so many fantasy series have sooooo much talking in them. I remember pages and pages of it in Tokien when I so wanted to action to get moving again.


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