Africa Short Stories

Reading Say You're One of Them by Uwem Akpan is extremely emotional. The book contains five short stories involving children in various appalling situations. Ethnic and religious wars, prostitution, poverty, slavery, hunger, pretty much all the bad things you can think of take place.

Just these few short stories had me in a mess when i had finished them.
I was angry at the adults in all the stories but particularly furious with the men in the final story, "My Parent's Bedroom". How petty and cowardly is it to punish other people, those you claim to love, because you can't face your choices?

overall, i'd probably say a 6 but i'm giving it a 5 because the dialogue was really hard for me to follow at times. Also, this counts for the POC challenge.


  1. Thanks for your review. I didn't realize it was a collection of 5 short stories. I've been meaning to read this (it's on my shelf at home) but I know it will be heartbreaking, so it's hard to pick up.

  2. The middle story, What Language is That? is uplifting. I would say read the first two stories, then the last two, then the center one to end on a bit of a higher note. Worth reading though.


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