B Recommends

B has pretty decent taste in books from what i can tell. everything he's suggested that i have managed to read i've pretty much liked. Newton's Cannon by J. Gregory Keyes is no exception!

Alchemy is real and Sir Issac Newton discovered the principles. Now there are many inventions due to alchemy that mimic our modern technology, like street lights. In France, the Sun King Louis has taken some sort of potion that has made him essentially immortal. France have been at war for years, using alchemical weapons to destroy each other. Ben Franklin is 14 and apprenticed to his printer brother in Boston but dreams of greater scientific discoveries. There's also a woman in France, Adrienne, who is brilliant but relegated to a secretarial role for the alchemists in Louis' employ. Those alchemists are searching for a massive final weapon and Franklin inadvertently helps them. Then Franklin heads to London to try to correct his error. Lots of setup, huh! It makes way more sense in the book. There's lots of adventure and plot twists.

This is the first book in a 4 part series and the series is complete! that is enough to make me turn a flip. I give this one a 5 and plan to take the next book, A Calculus of Angels, on the trip to NY.

so, have i mentioned recently how much i like B? I try not to be too gushy and girly on here but i really like him. :)


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