I Really Like Markus Zusak

I have finished reading my second book by Markus Zusak, I Am the Messenger. Another great novel.

Ed Kennedy drives a cab. He's 19 and lives with a smelly dog, Doorman. He hangs out with a few friends but doesn't have any real ambitions besides to have his friend Audrey fall for him. When the group happens to be in a bank at the time of a holdup, Ed surprises himself by helping to stop the robbery. Afterward, he begins receiving playing cards, with names or clues for people who somehow need his help. The cards, the missions, become more and more personal as time goes on.

Zusak's style is weird. Direct, first person stuff, without a lot of quotation marks. He is very easy to read and somehow that makes the emotional impact of his writing that much stronger. I'm not really sure why this, as well as The Book Thief, are young adult books. What determines that line?

Not quite as awesome as The Book Thief. A 6 and one for my YA Challenge list.


  1. Zusak is wonderful. I adored The Book Thief and really enjoyed Messenger. He does have a unique style of writing that feels so intimate.


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