The Less-Dead

I ripped through this book in just a day. The Less-Dead, by April Lurie, opens with our narrator. Noah, finding the body of his friend. Will has been strangled and left with a cross carved on his chest and phrases from Leviticus left nearby. Then the story goes back in time and we learn about Noah's life and the events that lead up to the discovery of Will's body.

Noah is the son of an evangelical Christian radio personality. He's in a band with his best friend Carson and also got kicked into a reform school with him. He meets Will, a gay foster kid who also goes to the school with his friend Hawk. There's a killer on the loose who targets gay boys in the foster system as well. Noah has been questioning his faith, which becomes worse when Will dies and Carson gets religion. Noah finds Will's diary/poetry book and discovers notes that seem to be clues.

I found the mystery not bad but there are only a few suspects so i was pretty sure about the killer early on. One bit i didn't like is that the only atheist is Carson's father who's a total ass. I felt that the author's message was "Christianity is awesome, we just need to get rid of these extremists". Hmph. I highly disagree.

So this is a 5. i wish it had been longer, with more about Noah and Will becoming friends. It counts for the YA Challenge as well as the 2010 Challenge for the "Who are you again?" category. I've really got to work on my challenges!

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  1. I really liked this one...though I agree with you on the religious views. I'm just a big fan of Lurie's story telling. I discovered her through her last novel, The Latent Powers of Dylan Fontaine..awesome book!

  2. I'll have to take a look at the Dylan Fontaine one. Thanks.


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