Minions of Hell, Defeated

Before heading to see the US/Ghana game yesterday I finished The Gates by John Connolly. Fun fun read.

Samuel is an inquisitive, inventive boy. He's the type that gets in trouble for asking too many difficult questions from the adults around him. He decides to go trick or treating several days before Halloween, to get started early. He interrupts his neighbors in the middle of their attempt at a Satanic ritual of some sort. As he peeks, he sees they manage to succeed in opening a portal, a wormhole to Hell. Unfortunately, the big bad demon Ba'al sees Samuel, who must then who must then split time between trying to convince the adults that there's something wrong and dodging Ba'al's attempts on his life. There's also a demon who's not so bad, Nurd, The Scourge of Five Deities. And CERN is involved. and a little dog named Boswell. Such a good story.

There were many great scenes that would translate well to a movie. Two demons getting drunk in a bar, weeping to "Danny Boy". A boy defeating a flock of flying skulls with a cricket bat. Nurd learning to drive in a Porsche. I don't read much comedy writing, so this one really reminded me of Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Prachett. I read, like 15 years ago probably? I think i may pick it up to reread on the plane next weekend. A 6 for The Gates and it counts for the YA Challenge!

I just wish we'd won the game! B had to work most of the day but was able to get off a few hours. We went to Bosco's which had a nice crowd but wasn't packed. Good beer. B was actually much less down than i was. He says it is because he's used to the national team loosing. My experience with international competition is just the Olympics, where US usually does pretty well, so i am spoiled. Maybe 2014 will be our year!


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