Movies again

the latest roundup.

Blue Velvet- 4, weird. really weird.

Wristcutters: A Love Story
4 again. another weirdish movie. A guy, Zia, commits suicide and finds himself in the suicide afterlife. Everything is trashy and gray, people can't smile, but you can drink and still have to have a job. When Zia finds out his ex-girlfriend killed herself as well, he heads out on a road trip with his Russian friend. They pick up a girl, Mikal, who's searching for the People in Charge because she feels she shouldn't be stuck as a suicide.
The Hebrew Hammer- umm, comedy? parts were really funny but others just felt like they were just too ethnic for me to want to laugh. 4.

Crazy Heart- 4 again! Not bad. If i really liked country music i am sure i would have enjoyed it more.

Invictus-5. I was expecting a sports movie that had Mandela in it but got a Mandela movie that had some sports in it. I liked it well enough and it actually managed to avoid some of the sports cliches.

Not movies but...

Fullmetal Alchemist - the whooooooole series. I've been watching this for the last few months and just finished it up. Pretty good. a 6.

Red Dwarf- Watched Season 1 with B and thought it was funny. a 5. Season 2 is a bit better i think, a 6. Season 3 is not as good for me. too many things just change or are dropped from the previous two seasons without any explanation which was a bit annoying. a 4.


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