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So Saturday I will be flying from Nashville to Chicago, then Chicago to NYC. The following Wednesday I'll be flying back, in reverse of course, possibly with B or maybe by myself again. I'm not a very good flyer yet and am a bit nervous. I have found the best thing to help so far is dozing, but that makes the flight seem that much longer as i can't quite actually sleep, or reading, of course. So I've decided to take a library book i just got, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest by Steig Larsson. I figure i need one more to take on the plane and a backup to put in my suitcase. Any ideas on engrossing, longish but not doorstopper books? I've previously found Stephen King, Mercedes Lackey's early Valdemar novels, and Tolkein to work well on planes. Maybe it's time to reread The Golden Compass? hmmm.

Also, i'll be in NYC for the first time. Any ideas on what i should try to do? B wants to take me around one day and i feel like i'd be just TOO nerdy to drag him to a museum. No shows! I don't want to see the Twin Towers site and i DON'T want to go up in the Empire State Building. We will be getting some pizza though! :)


  1. Is there something besides going to museums to do in NYC? :P I don't know, there's tons of stuff to do! Go to The Strand, Central Park, a concert, shopping. Whatever you're interested in!

    Or, you know, The Cloisters is a really cool museum. Haha. ;)

  2. Anonymous29/6/10 18:08

    Ditto on The Cloisters. And the Strand. And Central Park. Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge was fun. I'd also recommend Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island, although it's almost an all-day adventure.


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