Soccer Overload: The Beginning

Saturday morning i woke up, as i seem to on my days off, far earlier than i had to. I turned on the Korea vs Greece match and watched the second half with B once he woke up. While Argentina vs Nigeria was on I ran to the Farmer's Market and once i returned had a shower and breakfast. Then at about 10:30 we left for Dan McGuiness', a pub here in Nashville to watch the America vs England game.

Now, coverage started at 12:30 and the game at 1:30. We got there at 11 and the place was already packed. We found a sorta spot and B got drinks for us. It was so hot that i downed my cider in maybe 10 mins and had to get a second one. mmmm, cider. The England fans, probably due to being used to some crazy weird time zone, got all the really good seats up at the front of the bar and one whole wall was filled by American fans.

As it got closer to the game time the crowd got more and more excited. One guy stood on a table with an American flag and led the bar in the Pledge of Allegiance. There was much chanting and dissing of each others teams but everyone seemed to have a great time. Each side sang their national anthems loudly and proudly, if off key.

Once the game started the bar somehow managed to get louder and quieter at the same time. England scored only 4 mins in and that sent half the bar into ecstasy. When Dempsey squigged in his goal on the tips of England's keeper's fingers, the American half went crazy. It was really the most exciting crowd event i've been to in a long time and probably the coolest sports event ever.

If only we'd won! On to Slovenia!

and finally, an update on my tomato plants!


  1. I haven't really had the time to watch anything but highlights and listen to updates on the radio. I am happy with the US tie as that is certainly better than what was expected. Although a win would have been nice. Watching that goal that we scored made me worry for the British goalie's life when he returns home. That was some very bad play. I'm sure he's hoping for a chance to redeem himself sometime during the tourney.

  2. I'm so late replying to comments! It has been fun, but exhausting, watching the US play this year. That goal was the only one England gave up in group play, so i think the goalie should survive!


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