Weekly Geeks 2010-20

First off, a quick update. I'm concerned the tomato plant on the left may become sentient and demand blood sacrifices. It is really growing at an alarming rate!

Secondly, Weekly Geeks this week is about Wish lists.

Is your wishlist as big as your TBR pile? What books are topping your list? Are there any new releases that you are counting down the days for? Share a handful of titles and be sure to share why you want to get your hands on these books And if another blogger is responsible for that book being on your wishlist, consider sharing a link to their review!

For the first question, no way! I suppose my wishlist would consist of what's on my Amazon list. I've got about 52 books on that list and over 130 that i own listed on Librarything to read. Several on my Amazon list are books i've read and want to buy. And many more are non-fiction that i want for gardening or cooking. Some i don't want to buy but my library doesn't have copies and i'm just keeping up with the books.

The books i really am excited about: Handling the Undead by John Ajvide Lindqvist. He wrote Let the Right One In. Handling the Undead was available overseas but not in the US. I've been waiting for it since i read Let the Right One In.

Fables 14: Witches. I didn't really like the Crossover in book 13 so i hope that 14 is a return to the great stories of the previous books.

Unwritten Vol. 1: Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity by Mike Carey and Peter Gross. beginning of a cool sounding series. What if a Harry Potter-type character was based on a real kid, who grew up to be stuck with his fame and makes a poor living showing up at conventions and such? And then he finds out maybe the fantasy world isn't so fantasy?

Jaran by Kate Elliott- First one i know for sure is a recommendation. I just found Desert Book Chick, an Australian book blogger. I've enjoyed reading her blog and this post made me add Jaran to my wishlist. UPDATE: after posting this, i checked out paperback swap and found a copy, so this is no longer on my wishlist, it's headed to me. W00T!

Ok, one more. a serious one. The Autobiography of an Execution by David Dow is a non-fic account of a death penalty defense lawyer. In Texas. damn. I read an excerpt on Alternet and it intrigued me. I have a feeling i'll end up crying at some point but i hope it will be an educational book.

There are plenty more i want to read of course. if only i could find a job that pays me to just read books. hmm. i guess i need to win the lottery!


  1. If it makes such demands, you should name the plant Audrey II. I wish I had space for a garden (or even a patio) and that I could get paid for reading.

  2. Haha!! I have a tomato plant that is threatening to do the same :/ Maybe they are conspiring around the country :o

    No way! I didn't know that Lindqvist had a new book out!! That's totally going on my wishlist too! I loved Let the Right One In so much! Thanks for the heads up on that one.

  3. Mish- heh, my B said that the other day!

    Chris- I just say the new Lindqvist on amazon the other day and i can't wait! so glad i didn't order off amazon UK now.



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