Weekly Geeks 2010-22

I decided to do Weekly Geeks this time.

So this week, I am curious about those gigantic TBR piles which readers tend to accumulate. Please share with us your habits, tendencies or obsessions when it comes to hoarding behavior.

I'll post some pics of my various book situations.

In my living room. This is actually supposed to hold dvds.

This one is for books though.

A box full.

the library stack.

and on the windowsill.

*sigh* Ok, the bad news is that Librarything still says i've got 133 books to read. And B has loaned me about 5. The good news is that i buy used books almost exclusively or get them free off Paperbackswap. I don't pay much for books and read many from the library too.

I didn't use to collect books the way i do now. After R and I broke up in 2007 I suddenly had much more disposable income. That was also the point when McKay's came to town so i also gained a huge repository of used books to choose from. Now i'm trying to limit my trips there! I can go in a new bookstore without buying now because i know i can get things cheaper used.

I don't keep all of what i read. maybe half? I put some on Paperbackswap and some i sell back to McKay's, both of which reinforce the book accumulation. Ah well.


  1. Always fun to look at other people's books, bookshelves, etc. Thanks for showing the pics. I've cut down quite a bit on my purchases this year but still manage to accumulate new books. More often than not I buy new, using coupons and discount cards. I'm too particular about my books I guess. But I do buy a lot of my science fiction and fantasy used, especially the classic stuff, because there is just something fun about those old paperbacks. Half Price Books comes in really handy for that.


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