When Autumn Leaves

I finished When Autumn Leaves by Amy S Foster late Wednesday night. Autumn is a member of the Jaen sisterhood and has been living in Avening for years as a sort of magical leader, counselor, confidant, and healer. She is told she must leave Avening and choose someone to take her places, as well as 12 other women who will become her magical sisters. The Jaen give her a list of candidates and Autumn decides to have an essay contest to help her choose. But after the opening, the rest of the book becomes a series of connected short stories, some of which were better than others.

I can think of several ways this book could have been better for me. Give me more about Autumn earlier on and let me see how she's going about picking her successor and the coven. Finish up the love story between Ana and Finn. What relationship does Justy have to magic? Explain what exactly happens to Piper. I really liked Ellie; why didn't she come back into the story? The two tween girls seemed cool, why not give a chapter from their points of view? Just a 4 from me.

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