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Sort of a catch all post.

Work has been busy and exhausting and frustrating; i am finally mentally finished with this job. I'm looking for a new one. Anyone hiring in Nashville? Will work for books and my car payment! :)

I'm sick of the elections in Tennessee. I've yet to see a single ad for a person i'd vote for. I'm hoping that i'm just missing the Democrats' ads but i have a bad feeling that i haven't, that they are just talking about the same crap that the Republicans are spewing.

I need to start doing the Saturday Farmer's Market posts. Here's the state of my tomato plants. I've succumbed and bought some liquid fertilizer to try to save the cherry tomato but, while the actual tomatoes are looking better, the plant itself is worse. There are some little branches with tiny green leaves coming out from the main stem so maybe it will be ok. It isn't a water or light issue as the regular tomato plant right next to it is fine. I know we'll have plenty more sun in TN so i may go ahead and get a new tomato plant if this one dies.
I highly recommend mint to anyone who can't grow plants. The stuff is amazing. it just grows and grows no matter where it is on the porch or how much water it gets. It's right in the middle of this picture. I'll be making some pesto for B tomorrow with some of that basil.
The nasturnium is doing well with pretty orangey flowers. We saw some hummingbirds the other day going from that to the geranium. Will have to get more of each of those next year.

I just joined Goodreads but don't know if i want to go through the trouble of uploading books and really getting into it. Has anyone used both Goodreads and Librarything? I love librarything myself and i was on it first. I've gotten several books from their early review giveaways.

I've now read a book and a half on my phone. I have an Android phone and Kindle now has a program for that device. I'll be posting about reading on that soon.


  1. Thanks for the info on the mint- I've been meaning to grow it but hesitate because I kill anything green! :)

  2. I've found marigolds are pretty resilient, as well as gerber daisies too.


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