Demonic or Crazy?

I finished a shocking book this weekend. A Good and Happy Child by Justin Evans is so suspenseful I kept reading it while tipsy. B thought it was interesting, watching me finish a book. I'll have to keep an eye on him next time he's getting to the ending of one!

George is a new father in NYC. He goes to a psychiatrist at the beginning of the book because he can't bring himself to touch his new son. Not to feed or hold or change his nappies. He, and his wife, are rightly concerned. When George mentions that he went to a psychiatrist as a child, the doctor asks him to write down what happened, probably expecting something along the lines of "my dad died, i was bullied at school, i was depressed". What George writes is more like "my dad died, i was bullied at school, i was maybe possessed by a demon and participated in some exorcisms with my dad's buddies. oh, and i was hospitalized as a danger to others". bit of a difference.

Is George crazy? was he really possessed as a kid? was he crazy then but sane now? While i know i've mentioned not being pleased with unreliable narrators i didn't have any problem with this book. George didn't really seem unreliable, just deeply troubled and sad, especially as the book goes along. I had a bit of trouble getting into the book to begin; the story is written as if George is talking to you, his psychiatrist. after i got used to the voice i just loved the story. I also recommend making sure you've got time to read the last 75 pages or so straight through.

This book counts for the 2010 Reading Challenge in the Shiny & New category. B's parents gave me the book for my birthday. Thanks for the great read! a 6 from me. I wish i remember why this one popped up on my TBR. Whether it was another blogger's review or a blurb on amazon, i'm really glad i read it. I'm still thinking about the ending.


  1. Sounds like perfect beach reading, I'll see if I can get my hands on it!


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