Little King

Blockade Billy by Stephen King is a short story packaged as a novella. It's not bad, just too short.

The book is told as a story. An old man, Granny Grantham, in a nursing home is telling Stephen King the history of Blockade Billy, a catcher in 1957. That year, Granny was the 3rd base coach of the New Jersey Titans. after loosing their 2 catchers 24 hours before the season starts, the Titans call up a rookie to catch for a few days or weeks until they can buy or trade a good player. However, they get Billy Blakeley, a weird kid who talks to himself in 3rd person but can hit and catch really well. Of course, Billy isn't exactly who he seems to be and the twist at the end is really good.

I'm giving it a 4. Mainly for the format. The book is about the size of a trade paper back but has a huge font and wide margins. it reminded me of papers in college that had to be a certain length, so people would play with the margins and such to reach the minimum. it's not a bad story but it just leaves a lot to be desired. It does count for my 2010 Challenge list for the New in 2010 category.


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