Tally Post 3

As of 7/11
Total books read: 77

Library books: 54
Graphic novels: 18

Non-fiction: 9


YA Challenge: 7/12
Science Book Challenge: 1/3
Chunkster Challenge: 3/4

2010 Challenge: 7/20
POC Reading Challenge: 4/10-15
Classics Challenge: 1/6

OUaT4 Challenge: 3/5

1% Challenge: 2/13

At this point i've not completed any challenges. I didn't complete the Once Upon a Time 4 challenge, coming up two short. As for the rest, I'm not too bad off with them but need to get on the Classics challenge as it ends first on Oct 31, 2010. I'm on par to read about what i read total last year but i am well under my last year's average for non-fiction. hmmm.


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