The second book i read on my phone's Kindle application is Disproving Christianity: Refuting the World's Most Followed Religion by David G. McAfee. I bought it because it was inexpensive and i wanted to see how reading non-fiction would work on my phone.

The text itself was fine though i had heard much of it before in other atheist books. There are gobs of contradictions in the christian bible and plenty of things that modern people just choose to ignore. Those contradictions are part of why i find it difficult to believe that people actually believe in that book. how do they reconcile that they really should be stoning their unmarried daughters to death for having sex with a caring, loving god? it baffles me.

one thing i didn't like about reading it on my phone was how the end notes worked. while there was a little link to the note, once you jumped to the note there wasn't a way to go back to exactly where you were before. At least i couldn't find one. You could go back to the previous bookmark but not the exact page.

I give this one a 4, mainly because i have read a good bit of this before. if you haven't then you may enjoy it more.


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