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Reading Haruki Murakami is strange. His writing evokes this dreamy weirdness that you don't really stop reading, you just wake up from. Kafka on the Shore is no exception.

It is rather difficult to describe without giving too much away or not explaining enough. Kafka Tamura is a 15 year old boy who runs away from his father's home. He's just suffered too much neglect and emotional abuse to stay any longer. The town he runs to has a public reading library where he begins to spend his days. In another storyline, an old man Nakata has never recovered from a strange coma he suffered as a child. He woke with no memory and has never been able to learn to read or write. He can talk to cats and as he's searching for a lost cat he meets some sort of shape changer who asks Nakata to murder him.

it's weird. But i loved it. a 6. and i really need to read more of Murakami's work. and this counts for the 1% Challenge and is a 1001 book.

Currently: wishing i wasn't at work.


  1. I just love Murakami. That doesn't mean I always (hardly ever?) understand though! I love the way it is very dreamlike and I do find that I really have to let my left brain take a break and just "go with it." I think I understand his work more on a subconscious or emotional level; kind of like music. He is a great fan of jazz music and he has written about the relation of this to his writing. I've got a link to this at the bottom of my review of After Dark if you are interested.


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