movies, part 5ish?

I feel like i'm watching plenty of movies now. B being around my place now has increased my movie rate i think.

Jumper: 4, not bad but not that good. and i can't stand the OC girl and Anakin so bad casting. I will look into reading the book though.

Red Cliff, International Version: 6, this one is loooong. the first 3rd of the movie really, really dragged. the second half was really good though so i am going with a 6.

The Fantastic Mr. Fox: 6. funny!

The Blind Side: 5. ok. I liked the movie but i kept feeling like i shouldn't, that it, while a true story, was a Dickens story set today. though...i may read the book. still ambivalent.

Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog: ok, so i was tipsy when i watched this. a 5. which leads to...

The Guild, Seasons 1-3: 6, funny stuff, really liked it. If you've ever played World of Warcraft or Everquest and the like you'll find so much to laugh about. Great characters too.

High Fidelity: 6. I managed to somehow miss this before. i really liked it. Does John Cusack kinda play the same guy all the time?

Public Enemies: 3. Johnny Depp is pretty and all but this was way too long. When you start wishing the hero would just get shot already, you know you're done with a movie. I was also trying to hear the whispery dialogue over two dogs chomping on bones so i may have missed some spoken word that would have made the movie awesome.

Kick Ass- funny and very cool. 6.

i'm also watching gobs of soccer right now, and preseason football when i can find it.


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