Saturday Farmer's Market 8-7

So far today i've
  • Had a fabulous lemonade
  • took 2 books back to the library
  • picked up the CSA box as well as chocolate milk and half and half from the Farmer's Market
  • took out the recycling and the trash
  • filled up my car with gas
  • swept and vacuumed, even the couches!
  • applied for a couple jobs
Not that this will surprise anyone but one job i've applied for now is at the library. I've got my fingers crossed.

Here's the pic of the food

You can't see the two cantalopes that are under the top layer of stuff, nor the okra. More corn, peppers, little tomatoes, eggplant, cucumbers and zucchini. Some new peppers, jalapenos and whatever this one is. It smells spicy.

I'll be freezing the okra and peppers i think and passing one of the canatalopes to my friend D.

On a completely different note, if i can ever get a decent picture of B i'll post one. He has an annoying habit of moving at the last minute, turning his head away from me or blurring the shot whenever i try to snap one. He's cute, i promise! Here's his dog, Toorah.

Changing subjects again, i'll be headed to see the Nashville Rollergirls tonight. Never been to a roller derby match so I am unsure what to expect.


  1. Your box of goodies looks so yummy!!! I'm not sure what kind of pepper that is either, but yes, it does look hot!

    Your dog is soooo cute and I'll keep my fingers crossed on the job thing too! Good luck!! :)

  2. That box of veggies looks so good!! And so does that pepper! I love peppers. And B's dog is adorable :D

    Oh, and I haven't responded to comments yet on my blog, but I had no idea they were even making an american version of Let the Right One In! I don't know if I'll see it or not. We have a habit of ruining everything cool when it comes to movies. I'll wait to see the trailer.


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