Saturday Farmer's Market and Book Buying!

Ok, here we go!

Strawberry drinkable yogurt and chocolate milk. Delicious.

The box o' goodies! Watermelon, yellow squash, peppers, eggplant, Italian eggplant, corn.

What didn't fit on the box anymore. Basil, tomatoes, okra, jalapenos, and some other sort of peppers. We will be having pesto for dinner tonight!

These are not from the farmer's market. My best friend D's partner's niece (her niece if she and her partner could be married in my state!) has chickens and since i gave her like 15 egg cartons i got some free eggs! B and i eat a lot of eggs.

Now, i haven't bought books in...a few months. May 30th! I went to the thrift store today and found several. And i only spent 4.87!

I found a copy of the first Lone Wolf book! the previous owner filled in the first character page in pen! *gasp* but otherwise the book is in pretty good shape. I have a copy of Space Merchants already but this one is in much better shape so i'll keep it. This store had a ton of old sci-fi books. i may have to drag B and see if he finds any he wants.

Last night B and I were discussing Vermont geography so today i recognized where this book, Aaron and the Green Mountain Boys, must take place. it was a library book at an elementary school and the checkout card is still in the book!

Speaking of libraries, last Sunday was the first day i volunteered at a local branch here in Nashville. i spent three hours shelving children's easy books. I honestly enjoyed it! The task required such focus without extraneous thoughts it was almost like meditation. And i got a nice sense of accomplishment seeing how many fewer books were left to be shelved at the end of my shift. I will be heading back next weekend. No news on the job front yet though :(


  1. Your milk looks so yummy!! As does all the other food stuffs! What a great haul. And homemade pesto is the best.

    That old library book is such a great find. I love it when the old checkout cards are still in there. There's something so fascinating about that.

    Enjoy all your loot!

  2. The strawberry yogurt is great!


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