Southern Festival of Books

Ok, yes, there is a free book fest in my town every year and I've never managed to go. NOT THIS YEAR! Barring new job issues, i intend to go for as much as i can. The Southern Festival of Books is in its 21st year now and is going to be from October 8-10 this fall.

who's going to be there? Audrey Niffenegger, Adam Ross (Mr. Peanut), Fred Thompson (he was our senator for a while but did movies and Law and Order), Michael Sims, Helen Simonsen (maybe I'll have Major Pettigrew's Last Stand read by then), Louis Sachar, Dr. Bill Bass (runs the Body Farm at UT), and Harold Ford. And lots of others of course. EEK!

So that's exciting. Wanna come up?


  1. Cool!!!! I would especially like to see Niffenegger and Dr. Bill Bass. I adored the book, Death's Acre.

  2. I've read Bass' books and also things about him and the program at UT. it's all fascinating and i hope i can hear him talk


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