Weekly Geeks- Connections

So first i'll post a quote of a quote (of a quote i think really):

and the questions for this week are:

Firstly, have you come across a phrase recently that has made just such an impact. And secondly – who do you read with, if you don’t read with anyone –WHY NOT?

ok, i promise not to gush about B after this post for at least, hmm, 72 hours. B is really the first person i've read with since i lived with my family, not counting studying in the library or dorm in college. We don't read out loud to each other but we'll be reading at the same time and it's kind of nice. guys i have dated previously didn't like it when i read, mainly because i am not aware of my surroundings and don't hear when people talk to me. I'm sure some of it had to do with the perception of reading as a solitary, and even selfish, pursuit. When you are reading you are in the book's world and you aren't concerned with entertaining other people. Some guys don't respond well to that. but B is cool. He reads. so we'll both be lounging in the living room, in our own books, no one feeling neglected, except maybe the dog :)


  1. Thanks! He's really a sweetie.

  2. There's something special about being able to sit side by side and read together, even if separate books, isn't there? My husband and I enjoy moments like that too and they're among my favorites.

  3. That's great, a guy who doesn't need to be entertained 24/7 is definitely someone to hang onto!


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