A Great Book to Finish on a Lazyish Sunday when You are Sick of Your Corporate Job

While Twelve by Twelve: A One-Room Cabin Off the Grid and Beyond the American Dream by William Powers was NOT what i expected, it was something i needed to read.

I had expected a book along the lines of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. Like a guy decides to go off the grid, hijinks and meaningful moments ensue. This book is more about the spiritual journey of someone who is already far more aware of the problems with consumerism and globalization than most people. William Powers stays in a friend's home, a twelve by twelve cabin, that size because any larger and it would be a house and the owner would have a requirement to have electricity, pass codes inspection, and pay property taxes. He doesn't exactly house sit, he more just sits. He's burnt out on the world and doesn't know if his aid work and conservation efforts in Africa and South America are worth anything. There's lots of walking, biking, meditation and communing with nature. He finds the good places in himself.

I loved this book. a 6. I work in a crazy environment, a cell phone company call center. I'm beyond burnt out; every day i wonder what i'm doing there. it is the epitome of modern consumerism, everyone wants better newer phones faster and now! and cheaper! and free service too! I want to get out, slow down. Being with B helps tremendously. I have come round to the fact that i would enjoy living on a farm, something i thought i'd despise even 10 years ago. so that may become part of the plan. I should add on some sort of how-to-do-that book to my to read list.

I've been on a non-fiction spree recently. I enjoy non-fiction and i had felt like i was neglecting it this year. Though i have two more non-fiction books i need to get to so i can return them I just picked up The Fall, Mockingjay, The Vanishing of Katherina Linden and Lady Audley's Secret from the library today, and all but the last have lengthy hold lists. I'll be tearing through some of those this week.


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