The Moonstone

A book that i loved that even counts for 3 challenges? That's a reading home run!

Critics consider The Moonstone, by Wilkie Collins, the first real detective novel. While not a murder, it does have a locked room, English country house cozy mystery at the center. An English colonel in India steals a large diamond which the locals hold sacred. Ostracized from his family as another family member saw the crime, the colonel leaves the diamond, called the Moonstone, to a niece, in the hope she will be cursed as he feels he was. The niece, Rachel Verinder, is a headstrong young lady. A cousin, Franklin Blake, related to both Rachel and the Colonel, is to deliver the diamond to Rachel on her birthday. He notices a trio of Indians following him and worries about the safety of the household, especially once he falls in love with Rachel. On the night of the birthday party, Rachel gets the diamond, but by the next morning it has disappeared!

I did wonder why the Indians didn't just get a crew together to rob one of the banks the Moonstone is held in at various times! other than that bit, i loved the story with the twists and turns, false leads and high drama. I loved Betteredge, the house-steward of Lady Verinder, who tells the first half of the story. The detective, Sergeant Cuff, is obsessed with roses and makes brilliant deductions while whistling.

a 7 from me. Counts for the 1% Challenge, RIP Challenge and the Classics Challenge. Whew!


  1. I have never read a Collins novel. I keep meaning to but just never get around it doing so. This sounds interesting enough to be the first one I try. Thanks for sharing this and congrats for knocking three challenges out! This is quite a feat.

  2. I've read the woman in white by wilke but not this one. I do have it in my tbr pile though.. sounds like I should move it up on the list!

  3. I'm loving The Woman in White soooo much, I'm sure I'll get 'round to The Moonstone sooner than later. Admittedly, the plot appeals to me less than Woman in White, but I'll give it a go anyway.

  4. I really must read something by him! I am thinking this year might be the year, but a lot can change!

  5. I'm dying to read this book after falling in love with The Woman in White.

    Have you read any more victorian sensational novels? I love Mary Elizabeth Bradden too - so much fun!

  6. I found this one so entertaining! I'm planning onreading the Woman in White of RIP and looking forward to it!

  7. SariJ- if you like Sherlock Holmes you'd probably ilke this one too. It seems like a mashup of Austen and Sherlock Holmes.

    Deslily- go for it!

    Andi- the narrators are so much fun in this, even if the plot lags you may enjoy it.

    Kailana- good luck. i know how TBR stacks can overwhelm.

    BW- I've not read Bradden, just some Dickens. Now i've got a new author to look up.

    Shelly- if i can ever get through some library books i'll be reading The Woman in White soon.

  8. I have The Woman in White on my tbr but The Moonstone looks great too! I'll have to read it (or them) one day.


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