I've got to work on better titles for posts. clever things. I also need to work on improving my writing skills for the GRE and grad school.

An interesting piece, completely unrelated to the book i am about to write about!

Today i finished Nomad by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Way back in 2007, exactly 3 years ago in fact based on that review date, i read Infidel, Ali's earlier memoir. She divides this book into four parts. The first is about her family, the second about leaving Holland and moving to the USA. The third is about Muslim and tribal attitudes toward modern ideas, like sexuality, education and finance, and the fourth contains her recommendations to combat the rise of jihadist Islam in the west and worldwide.

These last two parts i find the most interesting. I especially found the piece on feminist attitudes toward Islam fascinating. While she recommends that Christian churches aggressively proselytize to Muslims, there are so many different denominations of Christianity who believe as Muslims do about the rights of women, gays, and science i don't know if that would really advance her goals.

This book is a 5. I do recommend it but feel Infidel is a stronger book. This counts for the POC challenge and as a "New in 2010" for the 2010 Challenge.


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