Packing for Mars

I stayed up late last night to finish Packing for Mars by Mary Roach. It's great! Ever wanted to know the weird, gross, TMI stuff about the space program? Like how did the Apollo astronauts go #2? Or what happens when you don't bathe for 2 weeks? what were the space chimps all about? is book answers those questions and many more. Roach is perfectly willing to ask about sex in space, and then to hunt down old Russian porn in an attempt to see it. And how she manages to get in on so many various science experiments I don't know. She gets to ride on the Vomit Comet, NASA's plane that lets the astronauts practice weightlessness. She goes to Devon Island, a desolate place NASA tests vehicles. And she seems to have such a great time!

One chapter talks about the effects of zero/low gravity on the human body. The NASA doctors are still doing studies about this topic and pay people up to $17,000 for 3 months work. Since the work requires lying in bed, my first thought was, "i'd get so much reading done if i could get in on a study!". heh.

Roach has a winning writing style, very casual but informative. The footnotes are the best parts, DON"T skip them! a 6!


  1. I hate to admit this, but I have this book in my car. I got it from the library then forgot about it! After reading your post, I feel really bad that I had forgotten the gem. I better go get it!


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